United Development Company


United Development Company has a storied history of successful investments in retail real estate projects.

In 2007, the United Development investment organization acquired N3 Development and grew the portfolio from $40 million in assets to $300 million before disposing of N3 in 2014. Today’s United Development Company partners were also in a joint venture between UDC and SNS, a Netherlands-based investment bank, where we led $70 million in investments for SNS in 2008-2009.

Additionally, from 2011 to 2014, United Development partners invested and managed $200 million for the Delton Capital Trust.

Proven Retail Real
Estate Model

With $100 million in our investment pipeline, we are a strategic “go to” partner for a wide variety of national retail operations looking to expand their locations. We have the capital, infrastructure, expertise and proven track record to provide expanding retailers with successful real estate strategies to meet their immediate and long term objectives.


Build-to-suit / lease back projects for national retailers including Starbucks, Chase Bank and fast casual franchise restaurants. More than 125 projects completed by United Development partners.

Develop and acquire single and multi-tenant properties.

Value added shopping centers. Acquisitions and developments that are distressed (loan maturity / tenant move out / under capitalized).

Providing Quality
Real Estate

High-quality retail sites in 1st and 2nd tier markets throughout the US, focusing in the South, West and Southeast.

Reusable sites with great access and high traffic counts.

Geographic diversity with demographic stability and growth.

Retail Projects

United Artist /
Regal (UA)

$40 Million – 11 Theater Property Acquisition

Bass Pro-Anchored
Shopping Center

Purchase & Redevelopment – Myrtle Beach, SC

In the Pipeline